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Year 3 trip to Chester Zoo

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On Tuesday 13th June 2017, Year 3’s intrepid explorers ventured to Chester Zoo.  This tied in very nicely with our current core book, Jumanji, and reminded us of our studies with History, Geography, Art and Science too.

“When we went to Chester Zoo, the Okapi surprised me because it had stripes on its legs, just like a zebra, while the rest was more like a giraffe.” Rhia.

“During the day, my favourite part was the bat cave because when you stepped inside, through the flaps, it was dark and smelly.  Some bats hung from the trees and walls while others flew around my head.” Chloe.

“I loved the boat trip as you could see many of the animals such as Oryx and Grevy’s Zebras.” Imogen.

“When we were on our way to see the cheetahs, I noticed one of them was eating a chicken.  This is what it might eat in the wild.” Ceyda.

“My favourite animals were the penguins and the otters. We watched them as we ate our lunch. I had a ham sandwich and fed my crusts to the ducks.” Ruby.

“At the start of the trip, I was allowed to hold some elephant’s poo. It was enormous. I learned that they fed one elephant sweetcorn so they knew which one the poo belonged to.  The poo is important because it is used to check the health of the animals.” Owen.

“The monorail was amazing as you can see all the animals in the zoo.  We waved to Mr T, who was in the other carriage, and he made us laugh be pulling funny faces.  It was the best trip ever in the whole wide world.” Lillie.

“You should have heard the male lion roar.  It sounded like trees falling in the forest.  It was loud.  I remember learning about onagers, bactrian camels, okapis and fruit bats.  I know what they eat and in which biome they live.” Alfie.

All the children had a great time.  The weather was perfect and the behaviour was exemplary.  As their teacher, was extremely proud of them all. Thank you to all the adults who came along to help and make the day such a memorable one for the children. 

By Class 3 – 16.06.2017