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Year 3 Mass

Singapore Maths

Measuring Mass


Year 3

Over the last week, we have been learning about mass.  Mass is the amount of ‘stuff’ and object has in it.  To find an objects mass we have explored weighing in grams and kilograms.

We have used scales and measured in steps of I kg, 10g, 100g and 200g.  We completed this unit by investigating the mass of fruit and vegetables.

Aiden summarised, “I can convert grams into kilograms because I know that 1kg 450g is the same as 1,450g.  We can also call it 1.45kg.”

Matthew explained, “I am really good at reading the scale, even when the needle doesn’t point right on a number” 

James applied lots of his own methods to solve his own mass word problem. “If I know the mass of one apple and one carrot, I can estimate and calculate the mass of 3 carrots and 5 apples altogether by using multiplying and adding.”

The children were free to estimate, predict and discover their own mass investigation and recorded their results on a table.

Next week we will have the pleasure of measuring capacity which may result in a flooded classroom full of children drenched to the skin.  Bring your waterproofs. 

By Year 3