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Year 3 Science



Light and Shadows

Spring Term

This half term, during our science lessons, we have been investigating light and shadow.  We learned that a shadow is caused when an object blocks the light from a source.

We used torches as our light source and made plenty of discoveries.

Chloe explains, “light reflects from different surfaces and hits our eyes.  We need light to see.”

Elliot identified, “shadows change length when the source of light is high or low. Longer shadows are made when the light is low.”

Owen observed, “shadows can change direction when the source of light changes position. A bit like the sun in the sky”

Aiden predicted, “When there is no light, there cannot be a shadow either.”

We really enjoyed discovering things for ourselves and made some amazing predictions, observations and interpretations.  We can’t wait to grow our plants this half term.


By Year 3