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Year 3 Capacity

Singapore Maths Year 3


Singapore Maths

Measuring Volume

Year 3

Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about volume.  Volume is the amount of liquid a container can hold.  To find a container’s volume (or capacity) we have explored measuring in millilitres (ml).

We have used a number of different measuring equipment and selected the most suitable.  We worked really well in our groups but the classroom was more like a swimming pool by the end.

Max explained, “I learned that you should look at the water at eye level to get an accurate measurement.” 

Harrison and Jack summarised, “It was an exciting activity because we were measuring water and Mr T left us alone.”

Lexie applied her measuring skills from her maths journal. “I measured in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml and estimated the actual volume.”

The children were free to estimate, predict and discover their own measurements as I recorded their results on a table.

I shall be conducting this afternoon’s activities in my pink bikini and Barbie goggles.

By Year 3