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Year 4

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  • Year 4 - Quarry Bank Mill in Styal

    Published 22/01/19, by David Foster

    Team 4 dressed up as Victorians and stepped back in time to travel to Quarry Bank Mill in Styal. They experienced a fascinating glimpse of local life 150 years ago.


    After a strict lesson in a Victorian classroom, they moved onto the dormitories where they had to make the beds and empty a chamber pot just like the workers would have done! Next was the medical room and its grisly treatments. Fortunately, they were jars of leeches on hand if any of the children were feeling under the weather.


    Later, the children were set to work in the mill picking cotton from the floors, sweeping and 'piecing.'


    They heard all about the gruesome accidents which were common in the mills, but luckily they emerged unscathed and were ready to head back to 21st Century after experiencing the life of a cotton mill worker.

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  • Computing in Year 4

    Published 03/10/18, by David Foster

    Year 4: Computing

    In computing, the children acted as coders by giving another child (the robot) instructions. The coders needed to direct the robot from one part of the classroom to the other without it crashing into any objects. Next, the children created an underwater themed program using 2Code. They had to input code (creating algorisms) so that their objects would do certain things.

    Sophie’s program involved clicking a dolphin to get it to move upwards. 

    Luis was pleased that when he swiped to the right on his screen, his penguin moved forward.

    And Orla loved how when she titled her screen, the colourful bubbles moved in different directions.

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  • Man Utd Visit

    Published 29/03/18, by David Foster

    Today was so much fun! We were really lucky to have Laura - a teacher from Manchester United - come into our class and answer all our questions about the team, the players and their training regime.

    We asked all sorts of questions and learnt so much!

    Apparently, in training, Ronaldo was always the first to arrive and the last to leave, hence why he is one of the world’s best players.

    Also, if Manchester United sign you up as a child, they will ask your school to send them a report about your grades, attitude and behaviour. So, if you aren’t well behaved and have a poor attitude you definitely won’t be joining the squad.

    We were also told that Pogba - who is so rich he even has a football pitch in his house - is unselfish with his money and gives very generously to countless children’s charities.

    After a questions and answers session, we got to try on the famous shirts. We still cannot believe we all had the chance to try on famous players’ clothing!

    It was such a fun and truly unforgettable day!


    Team 4

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  • Year 4 Swinton High Open Morning

    Published 23/10/17, by David Foster

    Y4 – Open Morning at Swinton High School

    All pupils behaved fantastically and were a credit to themselves, Wardley Primary and their parents.


    1. Head teacher (Mr Harrison – not me!) – gave a brief and very friendly welcome to the children.

    1. Geography – children learned about different types of clouds and how clouds are formed. Individually made their own type of cloud with a certificate stating when it was made, its name and a signature of authenticity.

    2. Art – children took part in a series of activities which resulted in them producing several cartoon monster designs morphed into ‘coffee stains’.

    3. PE - children took part in a series of team work races aimed at improving their balance, speed and co-ordination. They had a fab time.

    All staff at Swinton HS where very friendly and welcoming.

    With thanks.

    Mr Harrison (Y4)

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  • Style Mill trip

    Published 13/02/17, by David Foster

    Year 4 visit Style Mill

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  • Year 4 Performance Poetry

    Published 22/12/16, by David Foster




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  • Performance Poetry

    Published 23/11/16, by David Foster

    This half term, we have been reading Ted Hughes’s “The Iron Man” as a stimulus for our own writing. We have also looked at Brenda Williams’s “The Coming of the Iron Man”, a poem based upon the same story. Year Four have taken part in some performance poetry. We looked at how expression and intonation can make poetry reciting more interesting and used actions to explore another way in which the poem can be delivered. 

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  • French Afternoon

    Published 27/09/16, by David Foster

    Year 4 spent the afternoon tasting French delicacies such as croissants and baguettes. We practised reviewing our food in French and writing this in our books.

    We learnt lots about French culture. We looked at the location of France, its landmarks, what life is like in France and how this is different to England.

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  • Roald Dahl Day

    Published 13/09/16, by David Foster

    Today, Year Four celebrated what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday.

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