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Year 5

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  • Welcome to Year 5

    Published 04/10/18, by David Foster

    A huge thank you to the children in Year 5, who have been really supportive and welcoming. They have also made a great start to the new academic year.  Well done for their effort and hard work over the first weeks.


    In Maths, we have been developing our place value knowledge through reading, writing and comparing number up to 1 000 000.  The next unit is addition and subtraction. 


    Our core text, Blitzed, has provided many writing opportunities already.  The pupils have been experimenting with relative clauses, modal verbs and parenthesis!  We look forward to our educational visit to Eden Camp - hopefully we won't time slip back to World War II like the main character, George.


    Our Science topic ‘Out of This World’ has allowed us to explore the Solar System.  Did you know? The Earth could fit inside the Sun over 1 000 000 times!  We have compared the ideas of philosophers Aristotle and Copernicus through their Geocentric and Heliocentric models of the Solar System. 


    The Anglo-Saxon period of history shaped many parts of England as we know it today.  We have learned about who they were and where they have come from. We are currently explaining why King Vortigern invited Saxons onto his land and the significance of this event.

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  • Year 5 - The Mayans

    Published 25/05/18, by David Foster

    Year 5

    Mayan Culture Workshop

    Today we had a visitor in telling us about the Mayan culture and what they would do.

     We were split into groups (city roles): ruler, priests, nobles, peasants and slaves.

    Once we learnt about the different roles of the city then we were split into three different groups.

    We were showed artefacts from Mayan times and we had to guess which category they would go into. We had to choose from customs and culture, religion and ritual, food and drinks and clothing.

    Once we sorted all of the artefacts in the correct categories, we moved onto guessing food that the Mayans would eat. We were given an avocado as a practice test round and we learnt that an avocado was a treasured fruit.  It was also learnt that the Mayans LOVED chocolate. They especially loved hot chocolate because they referred to it as drink of the gods! When we had the food test, we had to look and smell different Mayan foods.  After we did that, Del (our workshop guide) told us the answers to the food questions and group three won.


    It was a very exciting and fabulous morning we hope Del will come and visit us again because she helped us learn about our topic and hopefully she can help us in future topics.

    By Harrison and Joshua Y5

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  • Year 5's Assembly

    Published 23/10/17, by David Foster

    Year 5’s Assembly

    On 18th October Year 5 led the collective worship on our theme for this half term:  Courage.

    The children told a story about David and Goliath and how something small can stand up to something powerful.

    We then related this to having the courage to stand up to bullies and we recited a poem from the point of view of someone being bullied.

    Finally we said a prayer written by Desmond Tutu, who had the courage to stand up to prejudice in South Africa. 




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  • Year 5 History Alive!!!

    Published 21/09/17, by David Foster

    Our Year 5 students enjoyed an afternoon where history came alive!

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  • Lacrosse Training

    Published 13/09/17, by David Foster

    Year 5 have taken part in Lacrosse training with a coach from Melbourne, Australia.

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  • Year 5 Trip to¬†Jewish Museum & Buddhist Centre

    Published 25/06/17, by David Foster

    Year 5 went on an educational trip to the Manchester Jewish Museum and the Buddhist centre.

    The Jewish Museum is set in a former synagogue. Most of the original features are still on view, including beautiful architecture and stained glass windows. On arrival pupils sat in the very same pews once occupied by the original congregation.

    The children took part in a range of activities.  They handled and looked closely at the museum objects and displays through group work and role play. By the end of the session pupils were able to answer the following questions:

    •             What happens in a Synagogue?

    •             What can you do on the Jewish Sabbath?

    •             What is the story of the festival of Passover?

    After lunch, we hopped back onto the coach and headed towards the Buddhist Centre – the second part of our trip.

    The Buddhist Centre was originally a derelict Victorian warehouse which was beautifully converted by Buddhist volunteers and opened in 1996.

    An experienced Buddhist tutor introduced the children to the centre, its activities and its beautiful shrine room. After being told about the story of the Buddha the children were then invited to take part in a lively Q&A discussion. Other activities the children took part in included role play, exploration of the shrine room and a guided mediation or ‘stilling’. 

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  • PSHE

    Published 08/05/17, by David Foster


    The Calm Me time at the beginning of each PHSE lesson develops mindfulness using breathing techniques, awareness exercises and visualisations. Children and teachers really enjoy these tried and tested activities.

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  • Science in Year 5

    Published 08/05/17, by David Foster


    In science, we made boats out of paper and tried to ensure they were streamline (pointed ends and curved sides). Next, we had a boat race in which we had to use a straw to blow the boats around an obstacle course. Water resistance was the force that slowed the boats down as they moved through the water.  

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  • Art in Year 5

    Published 08/05/17, by David Foster


    Today we continued our piece of art work, cutting out flowers - which we had drawn and coloured -  and then ripping them up to stick into cool patterns on a black sheet. It was really fun - art is my favourite lesson.

    By Emily.

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  • Year 5 Performance Poetry

    Published 21/12/16, by David Foster




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  • Year 5 Assembly

    Published 09/10/16, by David Foster

    Each half term, one of our classes produces an assembly for parents and carers based around one of our collective workship themes. This half term  the theme has been generosity 

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  • UFOs hit Year 5

    Published 09/10/16, by David Foster

    UFO exhibition

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