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Year 6 Fire Brigade visit

The fire brigade came to visit Year 6 this morning to talk about hoax calls, water safety and of course, fire safety.

Firstly, the fire fighters talked about the hoax calls, what they are and why they can be so dangerous. We were quite shocked that anyone would purposefully prank call the fire brigade but it seems that it happens quite regularly!

We then went on to talk about small fires and how they can quickly spread. The fire fighters told us about a group of boys who set fire to some chippy papers and how this quickly spread up the side of the building it was next to and had devastating consequences.

Finally, we talked about swimming in open reservoirs and how dangerous this can be. We remembered the teaching from our Crucial Crew visit earlier this year and why we should only ever swim in local pools and not in unknown waters.

The most exciting part of their visit was of course, a trip to the fire engine. Here we got climb inside, see all of the equipment that they use and amusingly, Mrs Walker was forced to dress up in their uniform! The weight of all of the uniform and equipment was almost comparable to her!

It was great fun seeing the fire fighters and we thank them for their visit but most importantly, we have heard clear messages about our safety.

Thank you for coming to see us today.

Year 6.

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