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Year 6

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  • Rock and River 2019

    Published 03/07/19, by David Foster

    Year 6 travelled to Chorley on their annual school trip to Rock and River. They enjoyed lots of activities including kayaking, rock climbing and high ropes. The behaviour of the children was exemplary and they all seem to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

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  • Crucial Crew

    Published 29/11/18, by David Foster

    Year 6 once again attended the Crucial Crew experience where they enjoyed a number of sessions all centred around health and safety. The sessions included inputs by:

    Transport Police

    Bus transport

    The dangers of too much sugar

    Knife danger 

    The Police 

    St John's Ambulance

    The children behaved impeccably and thoroughly enjoyed themselves

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  • Year 6 visit Manchester United

    Published 21/11/18, by David Foster

    Year 6 visited Old Trafford on Monday 19th November to support them with their, ‘Reds Go Green’ environmental campaign.

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  • Fireman Sam and Year 6

    Published 14/10/18, by David Foster

    The fire service visited our Year 6 this week and talked to them about their work and how to stay safe on Bonfire Night. The children responded really well to the questions and the firemen presenting were engaging and knowledgeable. One of our Year 6 children was picked out of the class to try on all the equipment - something the all of the children thoroughly enjoyed. It was a great session and a lot of important messages were relayed.

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  • Year 6 Fire Brigade visit

    Published 25/05/18, by David Foster

    The fire brigade came to visit Year 6 this morning to talk about hoax calls, water safety and of course, fire safety.

    Firstly, the fire fighters talked about the hoax calls, what they are and why they can be so dangerous. We were quite shocked that anyone would purposefully prank call the fire brigade but it seems that it happens quite regularly!

    We then went on to talk about small fires and how they can quickly spread. The fire fighters told us about a group of boys who set fire to some chippy papers and how this quickly spread up the side of the building it was next to and had devastating consequences.

    Finally, we talked about swimming in open reservoirs and how dangerous this can be. We remembered the teaching from our Crucial Crew visit earlier this year and why we should only ever swim in local pools and not in unknown waters.

    The most exciting part of their visit was of course, a trip to the fire engine. Here we got climb inside, see all of the equipment that they use and amusingly, Mrs Walker was forced to dress up in their uniform! The weight of all of the uniform and equipment was almost comparable to her!

    It was great fun seeing the fire fighters and we thank them for their visit but most importantly, we have heard clear messages about our safety.

    Thank you for coming to see us today.

    Year 6.

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  • Year 6 WW2 Presentations

    Published 23/10/17, by David Foster

    Year 6 – WWII Presentations

    On Thursday 19th October 2017, pupils in year 6 presented their homework projects based on their research about the evacuation process at the beginning of World War II.

    The pupils generated some wonderful projects and some pupils got very creative! Every child was able to share their findings and presented their knowledge in a confident manner in front of their class teacher and class mates.

    Mrs Walker was very impressed by the high standard and quality of the presentations and by just how much effort had gone in to many them.

    Well done Year 6 – you did a fantastic job!

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  • Man Utd - Year 6

    Published 10/10/17, by David Foster

    On Wednesday 27th September, Year 6 were invited to Old Trafford to support their environmental initiative. Pupils took part in a litter picking exercise in the North Stand where they collected and sorted over 1000 pieces of litter. As a result, they managed to raise £300 for the school’s charity, ‘Winston’s Wish’. Laura Flint, Education manager at Old Trafford asked the children about the charity and was extremely impressed with their articulation and passion for the charity’s fantastic work with bereaved children. She said that Manchester United would be proud to donate to such a fabulous and important cause.

    Later in the day, the Y6 pupils were taken on a tour of Old Trafford and even got to try on some of the old kits belonging to legends such as Beckham, Ronaldo and Scholes to name but a few.

    Even for those who are less enthusiastic about football (or those who are avid fans of rival clubs), the day turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable visit, fully appreciated by all who came along.

    As always, the pupils represented our school perfectly and have happily participated in an extremely worthwhile exercise.

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  • Goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 class

    Published 21/07/17, by David Foster

    We are very sad but also proud to see our Year 6 children move on to their respective high schools. They are definately ready to make the transition and we wish them all the best with the future.

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  • Year 6 Performance Poetry

    Published 22/12/16, by David Foster




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  • Year 6 visit Crucial Crew

    Published 15/11/16, by David Foster
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  • Man Utd Trip

    Published 14/10/16, by David Foster

    On Tuesday 11th October, Year 6 visited Old Trafford to assist them in achieving their ‘Go Green’ award. Whilst at Man Utd, the class took part in a litter picking exercise where the children were asked to pick and sort litter left behind after the weekends match. Pupils sorted the litter in to three piles: paper, plastic and other. As Man Utd were sponsoring us for each item collected, the pupils worked very hard to ensure they picked up everything they could find!

    We managed to collect over 500 pieces of litter and Man Utd sponsored us a total of £250 for our school’s chosen charity; Christian Aid. What a wonderful achievement!

    As a reward for our hard work, we were taken on a tour of Old Trafford where we got to try on players’ kits and see behind the scenes of the stadium. It was a truly fantastic day out.

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  • French Afternoon

    Published 27/09/16, by David Foster

    Year 6 French day

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