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Art Club

Art Club at Wardley

Art is thriving at Wardley.  Children from KS2 are challenging their creative skills through pencil sketches, painting, collages and have even had a snapshot of photography.

Last year, the children studied the theme of ‘shells’ and, as the photographs show, the results were magnificent. We are blessed with some very gifted and talented artists.

So far, this term, we have learned how to draw plants and have developed our knowledge of line, pattern and shade. Already, the artwork is quite spectacular.


“We learn new things each week like drawing details and using bright colours to paint negative and positive space. We love pencil drawing and being taught how to draw”

Hannah, Olivia, Mia, Erin and Mollie (Y3)

“I like the drawing and colouring, especially with plants.  I enjoyed painting my repeated plant picture.”

Luis and Larissa (Y4)

 “Art club is brilliant for lots of reasons. We learn to draw things we don’t think we can draw, we do loads of loads of cool things like shading and best of all we sometimes get biscuits.” 

Lexie, Ruby, Charlie, Erin, Aaron and Imogen (Y5)

 “It’s a really good way to calm down after a busy day at school. I am always surprised at what I can do.” 

Leila, Lexi and Faith (Y6)


As we have studied natural forms, we will be looking next to expand our knowledge and skills by studying man-made structures.  Watch this space…

For more of the artwork click  herehere