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Visit by Father Jeremy

Visit by Father Jeremy: Tuesday 13th June

Today we had a visit by Father Jeremy because we are learning about religious leaders.

During a normal week, he  gets up at 6am and goes to the church at 8 45am and does a worship after that he probably answers some more emails .On Saturday at this time of year he offten attends summer fairs at his churches. He also has lots of emails and letters to answer.

He often attends meetings with people about baptisms, weddings and funerals and he also liases with his organist or visiting organists.

He visits hospitals and sees people that are poorly.

On Sundays he is very busy in the mornings. He does services where he lights candles, reads from the Bible, reads out prayers and shares the bread and wine at the altar. He also has an evening service and then he visits people if they need him.

This blog was written by Orla Cheadle and Issy Cole .