School Times and Meals

School Times

Children should not arrive on the school site before 8.40am. The doors to school open at 8.40am and the children are expected to be at school by 8.50am which is the start of the school day The times of the school day are shown in the table below:
























KS1 & 2 Playtime



How the children enter and leave school is shown in the table below:


Coming into school in the morning

Leaving school at the end of the day


The Nursery Class Door

Parents come into school by the Nursery Class Door at 3pm and collect the children


The Reception Class Door

Parents come into school by the Reception Class Door at 3.05pm and collect the children.

Siblings of children in Reception will either walk around school to meet their parents or wait at their respective exit points to be collected. Children will not be walking through school.


The Y1 Class Door

The Year 1 children will leave via the door in the school hall owing to congestion on the walkway.


The Y2 Class Door

The Y2 Class Door


The Junior Door from the Upper Yard

The Junior Door from the Upper Yard


The Junior Door from the Upper Yard

The Y4 Class Door


Year 5 Class Door

Year 5 Class Door


The Y6 Class Door

The Y6 Class Door

School Meals

School dinners are cooked on the premises. There is a choice of hot and cold meals, desserts and drinks each day from a set menu that works on a three week cycle. Please see below for a copy of the menu

Nursery & Reception: we recommend that all children stay for a school dinner as it is part of their routine. All children have the same choice of menu

Dinner money is payable on a weekly basis on a Monday morning. Payment should be made via the school gateway at or by using the following link.  

Prompt and regular payment of the correct amount helps with administration. The cost from October 2018 is £2.10 per day or £10.50 per week. If your child is absent you will be credited with the appropriate amount at the next payment. School is a cashless school so all payments should be made through the school gateway.

Packed Lunch

Children are allowed to bring a balanced, healthy packed lunch to school in a suitable safe container. It should not have fizzy drinks, glass bottles or sweets/large chocolate bars in it.

Changing Lunch Arrangements

It is important that the children keep to a regular meal arrangement. Should your child wish to change from dinners to sandwiches or vice a versa then please inform the school office. We ask for two weeks written notice if your child is moving from school dinners to packed lunches.

Lunchtime Arrangements

The welfare staff care for the children during the lunchtime period. We expect good table manners from the children and that they treat all members of staff with respect.

Children must remain on the school premises at lunchtime, unless prior arrangements have been made with the school beforehand and a responsible adult collects them.

Free School Meal Applications and Renewals: Please be aware that people claiming income support or income based job seekers allowance can apply for free school meals by ringing the call centre on 0161 909 6508. You can also apply at Broughton Hub or the Gateway centres. When applying, you will need proof of your benefit. Reception - Year 2 are entitled to a universal free school meal. However, those families who are eligible to free school meals should still make a claim as it will mean their children receive free milk and the school receives money which it will use to support the child’s education. More information about free school meals and universal free school meals can be found below.

Snacks & Milk

Free school milk is available to all children under 5 and those who are entitled to Free School Meals (not Universal Free School Meals). If your child is over 5 and you would like them to have milk you will need to register and pay for milk through the Cool Milk website at

As our school has been awarded ‘Healthy School Status’, all children in the Early Year Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are provided with fruit each day Children in key stage 2 can bring in a healthy snack from home to eat at break time each day. This cannot be crisps, sweets or chocolate.

Collection of Money

All monies requested by the school e.g. for trips, uniform etc can be paid via the schoolgateway at Cash is not accepted in school.

Lost Property

All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name to help identify them. Lost property is kept for a period of one half-term in the lost property box situated in the hall. Anyone wishing to locate an item should first speak directly to the child’s class teacher or office and then check the lost property box.

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