Learning Dispositions

Our Learning Dispositions

At Wardley CE, we are working on developing our learning dispositions. As school, we chose five characteristics, or dispositions, that we thought would make the most impact on our learning. These are:

• Curiosity

• Creativity

• Independence

• Embracing Challenge

• Resilience and grit.

We have been developing these characteristics in our lessons, growing the skills we need to grasp concepts, embrace new ideas and further our learning.

Visible Learning

 We use Visible Learning and Teaching Strategies at Wardley CE. This is when teachers see learning through the eyes of the students, and students take responsibility for their own learning, becoming their own teachers.

In the branches of the tree, you can see our Learning Dispositions.  The roots of the tree contain our learning strategies.


Our Learning Journals

At the end of each week, we reflect on the challenges that we have faced and the strategies and dispositions that we needed to overcome them. We do this in our Learning Journals. This is a record of how we think about our learning.

Helping at Home

Please do encourage your child to talk about his or her learning at home and to relate the dispositions to weekend and evening activities. Your child could be a resilient when going on a long walk, or a creative when helping to make dinner! As always, thank-you for your support with this new initiative. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you would like more information

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