Emotional Health & Well-being

At the heart of every great community, there are good people.

Our school community is driven and shaped by our school’s Christian vision and values. It is through these that we seek to develop a sense of belonging and well-being that embraces and celebrates difference.

We teach our pupils to be kind, openhearted and empathetic. We help them learn about their own feelings and what makes them feel great and not so great. We help them imagine what it is like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Our pupils develop a clear sense of social responsibility and this means learning about the needs, desires and aspirations of others.

At Wardley CE Primary, we believe it is important to understand the many sides of today’s complex problems and working with others to achieve mutual goals means listening to others as well as developing and articulating your own perspective.

From the moment children begin their journey through Wardley CE Primary School, we focus on social and emotional development and we don’t stop.

We do this through play, conversation, therapies, group discussion, focused teaching, campaigning and advocacy.

As a recognition of the work that we do to provide an effective, flexible whole school approach to improving children’s mental health and well-being we have been awarded Emotionally friendly School status at the Bronze Level. More details of this can be found by clicking on the tab below.

The details of our school’s three tiered model for supporting emotional health and well-being can be found by clicking on the tab below.

If you feel you need any emotional support for your child please contact Miss Hoque who is the school’s Mindfulness Lead.



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