COVID19 Wider school re-opening plans

The guiding principles for our wider re-opening are:

  1. Keeping children, families and staff as safe as possible from known risk.
  2. Minimising the spread of Covid-19.
  3. Providing a school based education for as many children as is safely possible.
  4. Continuing our support for home based education.
  5. Supporting the mental wellbeing of children in our school

It is following these principles, and with the endorsement of the local authority, that we will be having a phased approach to our wider re-opening.  As much as we would love to welcome back all the pupils to our school this is simply not going to be possible for us to achieve due to the government guidelines we are following.

The information in this section of our website sets out the school's plan and risk assessment for our wider re-opening.  These are dynamic documents that will be reviewed  and updated on a regular basis.  We will also post newsletters and other helpful information about our wider re-opening to help keep you informed.

I cannot stress strongly enough that we may have to make changes to our plans as the next weeks and months unfold.  As always, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible, and also to do our very best for your children and family.

Mr M Foster (Headteacher)


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