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School Council

Welcome to Wardley CE School Council Page



  • The school council is run by the Y6 senior pupils. Every one of the senior pupils has a turn at being a school counsellor. Their turn lasts for a school term. This means all the Y6 pupils will benefit from having the experience of being a counsellor. During their term in office the school counsellors have the following roles:
  • School council assemblies. These take place each half-term. They are led by the school counsellors in each KS1 and KS2 classroom. Each assembly has a theme and the counsellors will gather the pupil’s opinions on this and ask the children to vote if necessary. Following the assembly the school counsellors will report to the school leadership team.
  • School council newsletters. These are produced each half-term by the school counsellors and sent to parents and carers. They are also posted on the school website.
  • Meet with the governors. Each term there has a governor focus visit to school. During this visit the governors meet with the school counsellors to gather their opinions.
  • Report to the Pupil Welfare sub-committee. Each term the school counsellors meet the governors on the pupil welfare sub-committee and again report on their work and give their opinions on different aspects of school life