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Reading Buddies 2016/17

Our Reading Buddy scheme involves our Year 6 senior pupils and some of our KS1 children. As well as hearing the children read, the 'buddy' will help the KS1 child practice spellings, investigate definitions, discuss content and even practice handwriting! 

Our Year 6 Reading Buddies

Year 2 Stan 'I Iiked reading with Shannon and getting golden tickets.'

Year 1 Scarlett 'I really enjoyed playing games with Libby'

Year 6 Amber 'I enjoyed the experinece of being a teacher'

Year 6 Charlotte  'I enjoyed spreading my knowledge to the younger generation' 

The results our Reading Buddies achieved this year have been outstanding. They have worked really hard with our amazing Year 6 leaders and we are very proud both of our Year 6 ‘teachers’ and our Year 1and 2 buddies.