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Year 3

September 2018

  • Rocks and Soils Year 3

    Published 21/09/18, by David Foster

    Science in Year 3


    Rocks and Soils

    This half term we have been investigation the properties of rocks.  We have already compared the colour and texture of different rocks as well as learning their names and properties. We recently examined rocks to test for hardness.  We used a scratch test to do this.

    Scarlett commented, “Some rocks are hard and some rocks are soft.”

    Brooke explained, “We know some rocks are soft because they make a powder when they are scratched.”

    Jay noticed, “If a rock is dusty it means it is really soft.  Chalk is so soft.”

    Naomi concluded, “The rocks that were the hardest left no scratch at all.”

    Olivia said, “The heaviest rocks were also the hardest.  The light rocks were softer.”

    Year 3 are also creating fantastic investigations to test the permeability of rocks as well as learning about the terms ‘metamorphic’, ‘sedimentary’ and ‘igneous’.

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