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Year 3

October 2017

  • Science Year 3 - Rocks

    Published 17/10/17, by David Foster

    Science in Year 3


    Rocks and Soils

    This half term we have been investigation the properties of rocks.  We have already compared the colour and texture of different rocks and have recently examined rocks to test for hardness.  We used a scratch test to do this.

    Bella commented, “It was very interesting because I thought all rocks were hard.  I never knew they could be soft as well.”

    Sophie explained, “When I scratched the sandstone it made a pile of sand on the table.”

    Kai noticed, “One of the rocks was magnetic.  The nail was attracted to it.”

    Kian concluded, “Chalk was very soft and Mr T put some white chalk dust on our nose.”

    Year 3 has also created a fantastic investigation to test the permeability of rocks as well as learning about the terms ‘metamorphic’, ‘sedimentary’ and ‘igneous’.

    Next, Year 3 will be learning about the human body.

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  • Computing Year 3 - Coding

    Published 17/10/17, by David Foster


    This half term we have been coding.  We are using a fantastic new scheme called Purple Mash which will provide us with all the ICT skills we need.

    We have discussed e-safety and are now trying our skills with coding; controlling sprites and decoding bugs are the order of the day.

    Layla summarised, “The coding on Fun with Fish was really fun because I created my own aquarium with fish and crabs.”

    Evie identified, “I controlled the sea creatures by moving the up, down, left and right.”

    Olivia explained, “It took me a few attempts to complete the Level 2 challenge on Bubbles. But I kept inputting a new code and it worked in the end.”

    Year 3 will be developing their coding skills next half term…watch out NASA!

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  • Maths - counting Year 3

    Published 17/10/17, by David Foster

    Maths in Year 3

    Maths No Problem

    Counting in Hundreds, Tens and Ones

    Today we have used the dienes blocks to practise making 3 digit numbers.  We have partitioned numbers into hundreds (100s), tens (10s) and ones (1s). We used many different strategies to add these numbers too.

    Riley commented, “It was really good to use the dienes because they helped us check our answers.”

    Heidi explained, “You can make the numbers from you textbook with dienes.  You can see what that number looks like.”

    Olivia explained, “Alexis and I made up our own numbers like 753.  It was good to work with a partner too as we talked about the problem.”

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