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Shadows Year 3

Science in Year 3


Light and Shadow

This half term we have been investigation light and seeing.  We already know that light from a source (such as lamps, the sun, torch, candle…) reflects off an object into our eyes.  Our brain tells us what we are looking at. 

Ashton explained, “Shadows are made when an object blocks the light from a source.”

Daisy noticed, “Me and Orla made a shadow butterfly because we used two torches that made two shadows.”

Harley commented, “A shadow can point in different directions because you are angling the source of light in different ways.”

Stan concluded, “When you point the torch above the object, the shadow is small.  When you point the torch at the side, it makes the shadow longer.”

All the children agreed that this was a lot of fun and every single scientific conclusion was made by their own observations and reasoning.

Year 3 will be also studying shadows made by the sun throughout the day.