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Science Year 3 - Rocks

Science in Year 3


Rocks and Soils

This half term we have been investigation the properties of rocks.  We have already compared the colour and texture of different rocks and have recently examined rocks to test for hardness.  We used a scratch test to do this.

Bella commented, “It was very interesting because I thought all rocks were hard.  I never knew they could be soft as well.”

Sophie explained, “When I scratched the sandstone it made a pile of sand on the table.”

Kai noticed, “One of the rocks was magnetic.  The nail was attracted to it.”

Kian concluded, “Chalk was very soft and Mr T put some white chalk dust on our nose.”

Year 3 has also created a fantastic investigation to test the permeability of rocks as well as learning about the terms ‘metamorphic’, ‘sedimentary’ and ‘igneous’.

Next, Year 3 will be learning about the human body.

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