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Playtime PE Equipment

Our School Council  visited each class [not including Reception and Nursery] gathering information on each class’ opinion on what playtime toys we should buy.

Some of the suggestions were:

YEAR 1: Some of the Year 1s would like to see Hydro Catch, Foam Frisbees and pairs of stompers. They also suggested chalk and basketball nets.

YEAR 2: The Year 2s wanted: Catch A Cups, Foam Frisbees and Bump Balls. They also suggested garden gnomes of all things!

YEAR 3: In Year 3 they would like to see Ankle Skips, Foam Frisbees and a Pair Of Stompers and they suggested vegetables and flowers around the garden area, they also would like to see a bird feeder.

YEAR 4: In Year 4 they would like to see Hydro Catchers, Foam Frisbees and Pairs of stompers they also suggested a birdhouse.

YEAR 5: Year 5 wanted Foam Frisbees, Pairs Of Stompers and Catch-tail Balls. They suggested hula hoops and pinwheels for the garden.

Year 6: Year 6 wanted Hydro Catch, Foam Frisbees and a Pair of Stompers. They suggested more gardening equipment.

As a result the school council discussed their findings  an and decided to buy Hydro Catchers, foam frisbees,  and pairs of stompers. The school council also added some other things:

[small football nets], hula hoops, and ankle skips 

These items will be made available to the children over the coming half term.