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Junior Sport's Day 

Key Stage 2 Sports Day


This morning, as crowds gathered, children, parents and staff, at Wardley, witnessed the world’s greatest annual sporting event.

The sun was beating down and the noise was incredible as the children brought out their chairs and water bottles to hundreds of spectators.

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales made up the teams and the children showed off their sporting prowess via eight events.  There was dribbling, bouncing, balancing, obstacles and, of course, those traditional favourites which no sports day would be complete without…the egg and spoon and sack races.

There were points flying here, there and everywhere to such a degree that ‘catch the point’ could have been another event. Points were given for each place, for good behaviour, for teamwork and sportsmanship.

The children were magnificent; with their Usain Bolt speed and their Beth Tweddle poise, they thoroughly enjoyed each and every challenge.

The overall standings are as follows.

1st       Wales                      131 pts

2nd         Northern Ireland    120 pts

3rd          Scotland                114 pts

4th           England                 102 pts

Thank you to the spectators who came to cheer their on their heroes and many congratulations to the winning team…WALES.

19th June 2017

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